PLK BM111 English Day

Posted: July 31, 2011 in 2011 Semester 1

Early this morning, I created an event in the Facebook’s group of PLK BM111 .  Previously, there was a discussion among us, to speak/write in English in the group, in order to improve our English. I 111% agree to this suggestion, as many of us need to train more ourselves o speak or write better in English. I choose Monday and Thursday every week, as the days we have to write in English.

I take the initiative to start this, as I see that someone need to do this. If that person is not me, it must be someone else. But it is okay, I took the challenge, no pain no gain right?

In just a few hours, only 3 members have accepted the event, including me (of course 🙂  ). I hope there will be more members willing to join, as this is for our own good.


  1. […] what happened, there are not so many peoples interested to join me and my friends in the ‘English Day‘ event in Facebook. At this moment, only 5 peoples interested to join me, they are Anita, […]

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