[2] Replies in i-class

Posted: August 10, 2011 in 2011 Semester 1
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CTU101, I just checked for latest replies in i-class. I saw that Ustazah compliments all the students for their good explanation to the questioned she asked. I feel very relief because I’ve answered quite long, not sure whether the explanations are acceptable or not, but looks like now everything is okay. 🙂

BEL120, there are not so many new posts lately as Ms Shima mentioned in last seminar that she has difficulty on logging in to i-class. Yesterday, I’ve put a motivational wallpapers, just to share with the others. Hopefully, it will be useful for them.

MAT112, there will be online test next Friday, 19th Aug where Pn Roziah will put test 2 in i-class. We then need to answer the questions and submit them by the next day, during seminar. I hope, the question will be easy for us to answer. She has taught us chapter 5 Annuity, and then skipped to chapter 7 during last seminar. I think the question will be based on those 2 topics.

MGT162, due to so many student didn’t passed the expectation level, Mr Q has given us an assignment to do. We have to do final examination papers which are April and November 2007. There are quite many questions, especially the essay part where some of them we haven’t gone through yet. What to do, this is for our own good, like what Romezan mentioned in Facebook.


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