Reward yourself

Posted: December 21, 2011 in 2011 Semester 2

Weinbrenner Shoes

Everybody loves to get reward. Reward for the good things they have done. Normally someone receives reward from somebody else. This time, I’m talking about rewarding ourselves. Yes, it is good if sometimes, we can reward ourselves for the good achievements we did.

If there is nobody else can give you something that we called it present or reward, why don’t you reward youselves? Someone may say this is crazy, how can someone rewarding him/herself? But this is true, by rewarding yourselves, you’re telling yourself (this is also sound crazy, but let it be) that you are proud for the achievements you made. Isn’t that good?

I’m thinking or rewarding myself this time, for the good exam’s result I got for the last semester. I want to buy a pair of shoes, a Weinbrenner shoes. 😀


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