Why I’m lazy?

Posted: January 11, 2012 in 2011 Semester 2

I’m a little bit lazy this week. Although there are many assignments need to be done, but I just didn’t do them. Maybe because their due dates are still far away, make me feel relax. I’m not sure. I’ve to do something to overcome this laziness.

CTU151, there already tafsiran given, need to be submitted on seminar 6, and also the same for the essay, have to be submitted on the same day. My partner for the essay is Naqib, we have chosen a good topic for the essay’s title. It’s quite easy, it is about a general knowledge, “Ilmu….”.

BEL260, I’ve already bought the book from Ms Doreen. It cost me RM35 although at the back of the book, RM39.90 is printed there. There are also quite many notes given, in i-class. They are about how to prepare essay, and how to summarize a graph or chart. I just read the first note, and it is quite interesting. In semester 1, I have learn how to do essay, and now in semester 2, I’m learning how to explain graph. Great !

ACC115, 2 asignments already been given, have to be submitted on seminar 4 and 6¬†respectively. I have tried to do the first assignment, looks okay. Just that maybe it looks okay, that is why I look relax now, and plan to submit it only on seminar 4. I can really do it actually, but aaahhh… let it be first.

MKT243, no assignment, no lecture for the past 2 seminars. Yes, the time was wasted just like that. The lecturer didn’t showed up during the seminars, and she only came after class ACC115 last week. She told us that she just know that she has to lecture us for this semester. What is this? She do not know? Or InED not really arrange all this time table as it should be? Grrr….

I need to change, there is no much time left. The final exam will be started by 12th March, about two more months from now. I cannot waste my times, just like this. Come on KP, you can change, you can do it !


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