Semester 2: Seminar 4

Posted: February 1, 2012 in 2011 Semester 2

Last Sunday was my 4th seminar for this semester. Nothing much interesting things happened but I enjoyed the day, listening and taking part to the lectures given.

8.30 am, class for subject MKT243 should have started. I arrived there about 8.29 am, and to my surprise, only Hafizal was there. Only 2 of us came early or on time, the rest of the students came late, including the lecturer, Pn Ainul where she arrived arround 8.50 am. I thought many of the student will come early, as we need to submit assignment for ACC115 on that day. But I’m wrong…

During the seminar, Pn Ainul told us that she will need to do the replacement class on this coming Tuesday, at night and there will be a quiz. Haaaa… As we haven’t been to night class before, this is a new thing that we need to face. For me, it’s still okay as I’m staying quite near to UiTM Shah Alam, just about 15 minutes away only. But for the other students, pity them. Some of them stay at Banting, Wangsamaju, Pandan Indah and etc. Hopefully, there is nothing wrong happen on their way to class, insyaallah. There will be a quiz, means we have to attend the class.

10.45 am, class for ACC115 started. Mr Kam arrived early, not really early but when he entered the class, Pn Ainul still teaching us. So he waited outside of the class. I like this subject, because calculating numbers are my favourite. Although this subject is quite new to me, but alhamdulillah I can understand whatever been taught. I still managed to finish the assignment 1 on time, although I need to refer to book, to complete the questions asked in the assignment.

2.00 pm, class for BEL260 started but the lecturer only entered the room 10 minutes later. We did some exercises on how to explain graph, the technique, it’s quite fun. We need to circle the main ideas on the graph that we need to put into the writing. At the end of the lecture, Ms Doreen asked everyone of us to put our own writing for the graph in i-class. She wants to see how we do it. 🙂

4.15 pm, class for CTU151 started. Ustazah Che Zaharah came on time. She told us that there will be a test on the 5th seminar. A few questions on objective and essay questions that we need to do on that seminar. I’ve to start doing revision from now. This is one the the tough subject for me.


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