Another busy week

Posted: February 16, 2012 in 2011 Semester 2

This week, I’m quite busy as there are many more things to handle. At work, I just been given a new responsibility to take care another group of articles. I can imagine now, I will take home a few files, and study them. Haaa…. I’m doing 2 studies at one time, my effort to understand them will be doubled, but I only have myself – with a pair of hands and another pair of legs and of course one brain. Gulp, forget about the legs and brain, but I need more hands.

Beside of that additional ‘study’, I have my normal things to study, to finish. I have a list of assignments to do, need to be submitted by this 26th Feb. They are for subject ACC115, and CTU151. Also, there will be two tests will be given to us for ACC115 and BEL260. Fuhh !

Good luck KP !


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