BEL260: Speaking and listening tests

Posted: March 13, 2012 in 2011 Semester 2

Alhamdulillah, last Saturday I’ve completed the last class for this semester. It’s for BEL260.

On that day, Ms Doreen planned to do listening test first before speaking test. I came early to faculty, as I have promised my group members of MKT243 that we will come early around 8.30 am to finalized our group assignment. I arrived there around 9.00 am, and as expected nobody there, except me. Yeah, I’ve already expected this, as I know it’s not easy for a man to wake up so early in the morning, furthermore it’s Saturday morning. Only Erwan SMSed me that he will come around 9.00 am. Thanks Wan… We gathered in front of Surau, where there is a table for us to do our discussion. We talked and discussed a bit when Romezan, Naqib and Qamar came.

Around 10.30 am, we gathered in front of class of BM402, and there were some other students in the class. I guessed they are from semester 3,  and they were doing their speaking test, same as us. Since the were not enough student to do the listening, Ms Doreen asked us if there is any group that has enough members, so this group can do the speaking test first. Romezan and his group then do the speaking. Since my group and I have to wait for Akmal, we let other group do the speaking first. My group (myself, Syed, Hafizal and Akmal) was the last group do the speaking on that day.

When we entered the class room, there was still Baizura and her group in the class, doing their speaking. Ms Doreen handed to us the question, and we sit at the back of the class to discuss about the topic we just received. The question was about how students can build their self-esteem. Alhamdulillah, the topic is not so difficult. We managed to find the points needed for our discussion. I received part A, where the suggestion is parents should motivate their children to build their children’s self-esteem.

After 8 minutes, just after Baizura’s group finished their speaking, we then sit at the tables in front of the class. As an initiator, I need to start the talking first, and then followed by the rest of my group members. The discussion went so well, as we have discussed before the discussion that I’ll control the situation. I’ll hand over the turn for everyone to speak, one by one. I ended the discussion by summarizing and concluding the point discussed. Then thanked to all the group members. Alhamdulillah, Ms Doreen just let us discussed, without interrupting. We felf so relief. 😀

After that, the whole students came in and we continued with the listening test. The questions asked were okay, I can answer all of them, but not sure whether they are correct or not. Before the class end, Ms Doreen gave us some tips, then wish luck to all of us. We left the class around 2.00 pm. Yes, it’s 2.00 pm and the next thing we did was went to Seksyen 7 and found a shop where we can have our lunch. We had our lunch at Restaurant Ayam Kampung Merah (if I’m not mistaken). 🙂

The day didn’t ended there, myself and Romezan then headed to PTAR1 library to discuss about the assignment for MKT243. Something bad happened, I’ll try to write about this in next entry. 🙂

  1. suraya says:

    wow , grammar ,pronouns semua tesusun ! i hope i can learn from you 🙂

  2. KP says:

    Takde lah, pakai bantai je tu. 😀

    Apa yang berkenan, terlintas di hati… itulah yang dicatatkan. Harap-harap, dengan penulisan dapat memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada.

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