Semester 3: Seminar 2

Posted: July 14, 2012 in 2012 Semester 3

It’s been 5 days since I attended the recent seminar 2 last Sunday, and only today I’ve this chance to update this blog. Oh, I know now that I’m really busy. Hehe… 😀

As usual, I tried to come early, tried to arrive at the class before the lecturer come. I arrived around 8.20 am. I parked my motorcycle at the usual place, which is under the stairs beside the bridge that connecting PTR2 and FBM. Then, I climbed the stairs, walked straight to my classroom, AC464. Along the way, I met Fazdillah, she smiled to me. She said the class was still closed. Alright, never mind, I went to the class and of course it is true that the class was still closed.

There were a few papers pasted on the door. I read one by one. Most of them were not related to me, and the last paper I read was the paper that caught my attention. The class is used for examination. Aha… Therefore, we need to use class BM404. Okay, I walked towards the end of the building. This class BM404 is located at the very end of that level 4, it is just beside my old class room, BM403. I’ve used that class when I was in semester 2.

I entered class BM404, one of my classmates was already there. I thought by this time, there should be already many students in the class but I’m wrong. I’m the second students who entered the class on that day. I put my bag on the table, at the second last row from the front and then walked out from class. I wanted to go to toilet and wash my face.

Class CTU241 started a little but late, as Ustaz Mahbob came late. He gave us his lecture as usual, try to explain in details a few topics. He talked in front of the class, and some of the students talked while he was lecturing. This situation needs to be improved.

Class ACC116 was really interesting. We learnt about FIFO, LIFO and Weighted Average Cost Method (WACM). Puan Y whowed us a few examples on how to prepare Store Ledger Cards, and alhamdulillah I can understand them.

As usual, class ECO162 was interesting too. Puan Fatimah delivered the lecture really good. She has the skills of being a good lecture. She talked, asked back questions in her own way that make the class happening. I like this subject.  🙂

The last subject for that day was BEL260. Most of the students have showed what they have, their articles and writings to Mr. Daljit. Mr Daljit then checked and commented their writings, tried to help them in preparing the term paper. For me, I was not ready, I don’t have the articles and writings prepared. My partner for this subject to do the group term paper is Erwan and he was not coming on that day.  Since there was nothing to check with Mr Daljit, I just sit at my table, tried to hide whenever Mr. Daljit asked if there is anymore students wanted to check their prepared term paper with him. That was really awkward. 😦


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