Semester 3: Seminar 4

Posted: July 31, 2012 in 2012 Semester 3
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Alhamdulillah, I have attended the 4th seminar in this semester on last Sunday.

I arrived about 10.20 am, and there were already Qamar, Hafizal and Naqib in the class. This time we used class AC464, not BM404 as before. Maybe the examinations which scheduled in that class before, has over.

Puan Y arrived early, she entered the class around 10.30 am. She just sit at the table, doing her own things. On that time, there were not so many students in the class, as some of them maybe still on their ways. I sit at the table, at the middle of the class. Beside me was Erwan. He always sit at the same row as me, maybe because this row is the most strategic place in the class. It is not too far from the front. I can still see whatever projected on the screen, and can also see whatever written on the white board.

The class started around 10.45 am, as it should be. Pn Y taught us chapter overhead. This is a very interesting chapter, as it is totally new to me. Alhamdulillah, I can still understand whatever she taught. There were some of the steps in calculating the re-portion, in the overhead analysis sheet that made me confused but it is okay. I can still refer to book and do some exercises to strengthen my understanding.

At 2.00 pm, the class for microeconomics (ECO162) started. When I entered the class, after Zuhur prayer at level 3, Puan Fatimah was already in the class. She came early, or maybe I was a little bit late. I’m not sure as I was not wearing watch. At that time, there were already many students in the class. Most of the chairs were already been utilized. Many students like to sit at the back. Haha… that was because we will be given a test. I believe, some of the students took the advantage of sitting at the behind of the class. I still sit at my place, row number 3 from the front.

After 30 minutes of lecture, we were then given a test. The questions are okay, not so difficult to answer. Part A is for multi choice questions. I just need to select which one of the answer are right. Part B is for structure questions, where we need to calculate the opportunity cost and then draw a few graphs based on the information given. I spent quite a long time in this part as I need to draw about 3 graphs. It is not just about drawing, I need to do it properly, with a proper scale, labeling and etc. If not, I might receive lesser marks.

Part C is for essay. There were two questions, and we need to only answer one question. I read both of them and I chose number two as it is easier compare to the other one. The questions asked were about determinants of price elasticity of demand, and type of goods in Islam. Alhamdulillah, generally I can answer both of them as I’ve prepared myself before coming to the class. The problem was, I can remember the points but it is quite difficult to elaborate the points stated. I just wrote down whatever I think was right. 🙂

Hopefully Puan Fatimah can understand my writings as I wrote quite fast and it’s like doctor’s writing. Haha…  Well, as you know, only doctors know their own writings. Other peoples will have difficulty to read the doctor’s writings. 😀

There are some parts that made me feel uneasy. After I gone back, I realized that I didn’t answered some of the questions fully. I remembered, there was question about what kind of price given in the table. Just because I skipped the part, to do another question, I’ve forgotten to write the answer for that question. That was a silly or careless mistake. I think the correct answer is floor price or price floor. Hmmm…, I should write the answer. I know that it is the right answer. 😦

Wow, I have written this far. I think, it is because I took the advise from wordpress, “just write”. 🙂


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