Semester 3: Seminar 5

Posted: August 18, 2012 in 2012 Semester 3


I’ve attended the 5th seminar last Sunday. A day before that, I’ve met Erwan at PPAS. I met him there because we need to prepare our BEL311’s term paper, which we haven’t started yet. Emm.. not really to say it’s not started, but we haven’t prepared our essay yet. So, it’s good to spend one day, to finish the outline needed and at the same time finish the first draft. Alhamdulillah, we managed to prepared the layout and the draft before the library closed.

Alright,  the 5th seminar went well. I came as usual, early… sit at the usual place, and at the table that I used to sit before. There was already Hafizal (as usual), Naqib, Azni (some other peoples called him ‘Bro’) and a few more students in the class room.

In the morning, we had a quiz for CTU241. Ustaz Mahbob gave us an essay question. We need to explain on the relation between ‘maqasid syariah’ and the economic of Islam. Besides of that, we need to answer true and false questions, crossword questions, and one more part which is matching questions.  The essay question is okay, I can still get the points needed and elaborate but the the other questions are really tough. Fuh, I hope my answers are okay.

Just after the class finshed, I realized that I didn’t submitted the answer for essay. The paper was still on my table. Arghhh, I quickly rushed out of the class, tried to find Ustaz but unfortunately I can’t find him. I called him but I can only reached his voice mail. Later, I found out from Hani that Ustaz has another phone number. I tried to call that new number and this time Ustaz answered. I explained my situation, and he asked me to put my paper in his pigeon hole at Cempaka 5. Alhamdulillah, my problem settled.

Then, seminar for ACC116 started. Puan Y taught us chapter job costing. Later, she passed to use the marked papers for assignment 1 and test 1. Alhamdulillah, I scored 63/70 and 37/40 for the assignment and test respectively. Overall, I’ve got 16/17.5 for carry marks. We submitted assignment 2 on that day. There will be test 2 on next coming seminar which is on 9th September. I need to fully score this test 2, and I believe I can do it. 😀

In the afternoon, class for ECO162 started as usual. I felt a little bit sleepy but I managed to hold my sleepiness by interacting with Puan Fatimah. I tried to answer every questions she asked. Normally in class, she like to ask the students, try to get the student to interact with her. By doing this, we felt more confident on this subject and I think it’s effective to learn this way.

Subject BEL311 was the last subject for that day. Mr Daljit entered the class on time, and asked us if there was anyone who like to give him our term paper for him to check. Not really check, but he wanted to see whether we are doing as we should. Erwan and myself then quickly gave our paper to him and let him check it.

One comment from him, there was no citation in our paper. We blurred, what is citation? I asked anyone in the class, if any of them has a sample of term paper given by Mr Daljit. Luckily, Odah has the paper. We then know that we need to put the citations (the reference to the articles taken from newspaper), in the paragraphs in our term paper to show that we taken that sentence from certain sources. Mr Daljit said that we are on he right track. We just need to put in out citations. Yay… alhamdulillah, I felt so relief. 🙂

That’s all for that day.


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