Semester 4: Seminar 2

Posted: January 9, 2013 in 2012 Semester 4


Last Sunday, I’ve attended the second seminar for this semester. As usual, I came by motorcycle, and parked at the usual place which is under the stairs that connected PTAR2 with my Faculty of Business Management.

In the morning, the first class was insurance. Everything was okay, Puan Faziatul Amilia has showed to us some more slides for a few more chapters. I think we have been taught quite fast. In just 2 weeks, there were already 2 seminars and many things have been taught to us. Wow, I need more times to digest all those things. I need more hands, and one more brain. Can someone lend me those? Huhuhu.. 😦

The next class which was statistic, went so interesting this time. The weeks before, it was quite boring. I think that was because there was nothing else to do, other than just listen to the lecturer and look at the slides shown. It’s… yeah, boring. Situation was different this time. Puan Ezatty has shown some formula and calculations for mean, median, mod and a few more things. She also asked us to calculate together with her to get the answer. That was really interesting.

Maybe for me, I prefer to have subjects that have calculations. If it just sentences, and pictures, I will get bored easily. Last Sunday was the second time I can’t stop myself from fall asleep. Yeah, I fall asleep in the class for the same subject as a week earlier, which is ECO211. Pity me. 😦

After lunch, class for mandarin started. We have been taught until chapter 6, if I’m not mistaken. Yeah, many new words were taught to us on that day. Some of us were asked to speak the sentences learnt at in front of the class, by changing the details accordingly. As example, we were taught on how to pronounce where we live, when we were born and other things. By standing in front of the class and saying those words in mandarin, was not easy for us. We have to change the numbers, the locations according to ourselves. Luckily, I was not chosen to be one of them. Hahaha.. Maybe my turn is next time. 🙂

After that, class for macroeconomy started at 4 pm. This time, it was a little bit interesting. There were so many calculation. Yes, I like !


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