1 more week

Posted: June 21, 2013 in 2013 Semester 5

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all readers…

Today is Friday, 21st June 2013. In about one more week, I will attend the first seminar in this semester 5, which is on the last day of this month.

I’m eagerly want to attend the class. It’s been more than 2 months after the final exam, and I haven’t seen most of my classmates since that. Only a few of them I’ve met which are Naqib and Hafizal. It was when we meet one week after the result came out. We went to The Summit USJ to realize our plan on karaoke. Naqib is very good in singing (or maybe I should say karaoke-ing), I’m just so-so and Hafizal is quite talented too. Hehe…

Next week, I planned to go to Bank Islam to pay the bill for this semester. For 11 creadit hours taken, I’ve to pay RM1116, plus RM1 for service fee at the counter. So in total, I will have to pay RM1117. Yeah, it’s quite a while since I’ve received my bill. This is because my monthly salary will be paid around 26th. I’ve applied to be on leave on 27th. I’ve planned one day off to settle the bill, then go to InED to collect books for this semester. The books (also called module) can be collected once the student paid the bill, not before. I’ve tried once, InED won’t allow me to take the books without the bank’s receipt.

Yes, the times passed so fast. I’m now in semester 5, and this is already second half of my journey in studying in UiTM, in BM111. Insyaallah, if everything is okay, I can pass all the papers drafted in the 8 semesters as plan, and I expect I can complete my study by middle of year 2015. That will be 2 more years to go, and I believe it’s not a long time. The time flies so fast, like the fast and furious 6. 🙂

Go go go KP !


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