Semester 5: Seminar 1

Posted: July 4, 2013 in 2013 Semester 5

Last Sunday, 30th June was the day that I had my first seminar for this fifth semester.

I arrived around 8.30 am, quite late compare to the earlier days. Erwan SMSed me, asked me whether the class will be in 406 or 407. I replied, it should be in 407, but then he replied back, saying that it is in 406, and the lecturer has already there. I then walked to toilet to do what I’m suppose to do, 😀 and the headed to classroom.

Yes, it is true, the lecturer for BMD151 – Bahasa Mandarin part 2 was already there. I looked at her, try to say something but she was busy with her own thing. I then headed towards Raja and Adi which was sitting at the second row. I shake their hands and said, “zaoshang hao”. They laughed. Maybe they didn’t expect me to say that sentence in Mandarin. Haha…

Zaoshang hao = Selamat pagi = Good morning

I then took a sit beside Erwan which was sitting at the third row. I like to sit at this row as it is just nice, not to front and not too behind… it is at the middle of the class. I talked a lot with Erwan, as we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time. The last day we met was on 9th April, when we sat for our last paper for semester four. Yes, it’s been almost 3 months.

The class started, with not some many peoples around. I think there was less than 10. some of them were coming late. Some of them were really late, but it’s still okay. We can still come, we’re the one that paid the bills, not the lecturers.

The class went well, Ms Huang taught us the first 3 chapters. A day earlier, I’ve revised my notes for Mandarin for part 1. Alhamdulillah, I can easily understand on what was taught by Huang Laoshi.

After that, 10.45 am, En Ahmad Zambri which is lecturer for MGT300 walked into class. He talked a lot, joked a lot, and I really enjoyed the day. Erwan even said to me, he should enter Raja Lawak. Haha… There was a time when 2 of my classmates walked out to toilet, and then En Zambri said,

“Where are those two going?”

“Are they going home… or are they going to drop this subject?”

We, his student laughed and laughed…. 😀 He has the talent to be a comedian. His natural face, without any impression of what he is talking. I like him.

The class ended a little bit early. At first I don’t want to go out, as I already have something for lunch. Then, when Hafizal asked me on where I want to eat, I felt like want to eat something else. We then went to Seksyen 2 for our lunch.

2 pm, there was suppose to be lecture for ECO261 but unfortunately the lecturer didn’t turned up. We waited for a while but the times just passed by like that. This is not good, I can expect there will be a replacement class soon. Oh no…

4.15 pm, lecturer for subject LAW299 came in. Puan Che Audah is our lecturer for this subject. We gone through a few pages, not so many actually because there are many things to read and understand. Class ended around 6 pm. I then went to surau with Hafizal to perfom our Asar’s prayer before we went back home.

Thats all for now. Bye bye…


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