Semester 6: Seminar 4

Posted: February 21, 2014 in 2013 Semester 6
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Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all my readers.

On 9th February, which is about 2 weeks ago, I’ve attended the fourth seminar for this semester. On that day, there were 4 seminars in total from 8.30 am until 6.15 pm. It’s a tough day. There were so many things happened.

As usual, the first seminar is for organizational behaviour. Puan Zubaidah had gone through with us a few chapters before she gave us the first test on the last 45 minutes. There were 3 questions given, where we just need to answer only 2 questions. Once I received the paper, I realized that I’m able to answer all of the questions. I then asked Puan Zubaidah whether it is okay or not for me to answer all the questions. She answer me like this, “it’s up to you. If you have times, you can answer all the questions.”

Yes, I like it. This is because there is chance for me to get higher mark if I answer all questions. If there will be low mark on any of my answers, then there is still possibility to get more marks from the balance 2 answers. This is the same things I’ve done while answering the examination papers. If there is still times, and I’m able to answer more questions than asked, I’ll do it. Alhamdulillah, none of the lecturers complained. Means, they can accept my answers.

Okay, back to the test… I can complete my answers for all the 3 questions in about 30 minutes. Yes, I’ve finished early. Since there was no one submitting their answers yet, so I just sit at my place checking my answers. Once satisfied with the answers, I then submit the paper to Puan Zubaidah.

10.45 am, Encik Anuar came in. As usual, he talked a lot. He has summarized on what we had gone through earlier. He checked, if all of us has submitted the title for individual assignment or not. Then, he asked everyone of us in the class to write our titles for the assignment in a piece of paper. He then gone through every titles, one by one. He commented most of the titles submitted to him, to ensure that we are doing the right thing. As menmtioned by him, if the title is already wrong, how can we do a good assignment. He is absolutely right.

After lunch, seminar for public relations started. Puan Zarith straight away gave us the test that she promised us. She was really ‘fierce’ on that day. No smile on her face. She asked us to put our things – books, pencil cases, bags and etc in front of the class. Only pens were allowed to be on the table. Fuh, I don’t expect she will be that ‘fierce’. Looking to her from the appearance, she is still young , tall and has a good smile on her face – she is cute. 😉 Since I’m sitting at the last row, I just put my back at the back of the class.

She was then, passed the question papers to us. We were told that we can answer directly in the question papers. There are spaces for us to write our answers. She asked us to answer only 2 questions out of 3. Someone then asked, whether we can answer all of the 3 questions or not. She answered, “Yes can, but I will mark only the first two.” Huh, oh oh… then I can’t do my normal habit of answering more than needed. Looking to the questions, they are not easy to answer. Every questions are divided into 2 parts. Part a was quite easy and straight forward question while for b, they were quite tough. After read all the questions, I then decided to answer only question 1 and 3.

In question 1 part a, the question asked me to list the criteria of a PR practitioner. It’s easy. Heheheh… 😉 Part b, I need to differentiate between advertisement and PR. I can’t remember much for question 3, but I’ve tried my best. Once I satisfied with my answers, I then submitted the papers to Puan Zarith which was sitting at the table in front of the class, before I walked out from the class. Outside of the class, I joined Zul and Raja. Of course we talked about the test that we just answered. Everyone agreed, the questions were tough. I do not know, how many marks I will get. 😦

The last seminar for that day was finance, my favourite subject. Encik Faizal discussed with us about cash budget,and then let us tried to do one question from past years examination. We then discussed the answer.

After the class end, I walked to surau to perform Asar prayer. I was alone there because the rest of my friends have performed their prayer earlier. I reached home about 7 o’clock in the evening.


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